Work Examples

This is a culmination of work I completed while pursuing my graduate degree. 

Research Samples

Understanding the Ethical Implication of Cause-Driven Campaigns 
Case Study

My partner and I explored Starbucks's #whatsyourname campaign and the implications it had on the LGBTQ+ community. 

Political Misinformation Dissemination on Social Media
Final Paper

In my Political Public Relations class, I researched political misinformation on social media and the effect on citizens. 

White Supremacy Nestled Within U.S. Queerness
Final Paper

I analyzed white supremacy within U.S. queerness for my Transnational LGBTQ+ Politics class. 

State of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in PRAD 
Business Memo

I researched the state of diversity, equity and inclusion in PRAD to create a business memo for my Diverse Voices in PRAD class. 

Rainbow-Washing: The Hollow Form of Allyship 
Opinion Editorial

I investigated LGBTQ+ pride campaigns and the effects on the community. 

Tampax: Flow with Dignity
Final Paper

The final paper for my Diversity & Current Issues in PRAD class required a corporate social responsibility campaign for an existing brand. I chose to help those experiencing homelessness who have periods by creating a campaign partnered with Tampax. 

A Brief History of Queer Representation in U.S. Media

I created a 5-minute podcast focusing on the history of queer representation in U.S. tv shows and movies for my Foundation of Digital Media class. 

Queer Stories
Photo Story

To accompany my podcast, I created a photo story focused on queer stories in Chicago. 

Child Stars: Toddlers to Trainwrecks or Exploited to Forgotten
Pecha Kucha

I researched and presented on the experience of child stars in the U.S. for my classmates.