I'm Mason Miner

When I was 13, I baked a different type of cookie every week for an entire summer. From chocolate chip to lemon poppy seed I perfected each recipe. I not only discovered my love of baking, but I was able to find growth in the failure and experimentation that came with it. As a self-proclaimed type-A planner, the meticulous nature and problem-solving of baking created my perfect hobby and too many baked goods. 


Instead of recipes, I will soon be exploring the world of public relations this June as I complete my degree from DePaul University. My problem-solving skills and detailed-oriented nature have blossomed while at DePaul and I have developed my communication, teamwork and social media skills in internships and jobs.

"When you start communicating to change people, you leave a lasting legacy. You profit from your impact, not in spite of it"

Dr. Michelle Mazur


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